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Join a Study Hall

Superstudy is your answer for individualized consistent support for your student, offering daily, virtual study halls and on-demand tutoring. Our highly qualified teachers provide one-on-one support in short, flexible increments to help students when and how they need it.

Virtual Study Hall

Study halls are offered online, through Google Hangouts, Sunday to Thursday each week. Here’s how it works. 
-- 9 kids, 3 tutors
--subscription includes one study hall per week, add more study halls as needed

Here's how it works

  1. Subscribe to the study halls(s) of your choice (search by time and subject area). 

  2. Each night, your student will enter the study hall through a secure link and begin working independently. 

  3. When help is needed, your student can reserve an 8-min one-on-one session with a specific tutor. (Those windows of time can also be scheduled in advance.) 

  4. If more help is needed, the student can reserve a second 8-minute block and/or schedule a Timely Tutoring block after the study hall (or for a different day).

  5. A follow up email is sent after study hall each night, detailing what the student worked on.

  6. At the end of each week, your family is charged only for the time used that week!

Timely Tutoring

Superstudy's time sensitive tutoring, structured to fit a student’s learning profile and nightly needs. Sessions can be split into chunks to better benefit your student’s learning. 

Here’s how it works


  1. Select a tutor from one of your studyhalls and reserve 1 or more 15 minute sessions.

  2. Meet the tutor online for the one-on-one session(s).  

  3. A follow up email is sent at the end of each day, detailing what the student worked on. 

  4. At the end of each week, your family is charged only for the time used that week. ​​

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