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On Demand Tutoring

Class of 2025, now is the time to start working on your college applications!

Perfect Tutor

College Admissions Summer Bootcamp

The Superstudy Admissions Boot Camp

Math and Physics Tutor
Chemistry, Biology Tutor

On Your

Our consultants are highly educated, 

award-winning counselors with experience in American high schools and college admissions offices.   They have a proven track record of success, at guiding students into elite American universities.  

History, ELA Tutor

Designed for You

Whether you need help creating a college list, working on your essay, or finishing supplementals, our counselors have your back.  They will guide you through every step of the process at a price you can afford. 

Expert Admissions Counselors

Each weeklong bootcamp includes four 30 minute one-on-one sessions with an expert college counselor.  Sessions are scheduled around your student’s schedule and can occur any day or time during the week.

Get started with

College Admissions Boot Camp

We are dedicated to connecting your student with the perfect admissions counselor that fits their needs best. 

Call us at 
(617) 208-4929 to get started immediately or fill out this form, and we will work with you to match your student with the perfect college counselor for a summer boot camp 

What weeks would you like to book a summer admissions boot camp?

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How it Works

Student and Math Tutor 1


Consult with
our team

Work with our concierge to find the perfect consultant: a great admissions counselor who can connect with your student, explain the process clearly, and give expert feedback.  

Student and Math Tutor 2


Match with your consultant

We'll match your student with the best counselor for your needs and then you'll meet them for an intro session.  If you're not satisfied, we'll refund your payment.

Student and Math Tutor 3


Make a

In your first session, your student will share their goals for the week and the counselor will work with your student to put together a plan and schedule to make that happen.  

Student and Math Tutor 4



With access to expert counselors,  structure to get support and get work done, and a schedule built around you, our Boot Camps help your senior take control of the application process   

More than counselors.  Experts

Superstudy invites only the best admissions counselors to use our platform (less than 1% of applicants). Some of our counselors come from independent schools. Others come from high-performing public schools. Some are admissions counselors at elite universities.   

And all of them are here to help your student. 

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