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Thank you for your application to tutor with Superstudy.  Superstudy is dedicated to inviting the highest quality tutors to support students on our site. We read your application, appreciated your experience, and want to hear more about your expertise as an educator. 

Please complete the form below to help us learn more about your work as an educator.  

Teaching Expertise

1. What general field did you apply to tutor in with Superstudy?
2. Area of Student Struggle
Superstudy is built on the idea of timely, efficient student support.  We believe that the best tutors can often anticipate a student's question, before a student even asks because they hear the same questions every day in their classroom.   Please identify a common topic that your students often struggle with in your study hall content area and the ways in which students struggle with this topic.  
3.  Video
To show your expertise as a teacher, please create a video (1-2 minutes) explaining how you would support a student with the question/ topic/ scenario associated with the study hall you want to tutor.   Using an example would be helpful in your explanation.  
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College Guidance
Test Prep Question
Executive Functioning
After you have created your video, put it in Google drive and share it with:  This will only be seen by Superstudy.  If you'd prefer to share the video privately via, that is fine as well.  Please put the sharing link below:

4. Instructional Strengths
Rate your familiarity with the following student profiles and instructional practices

Instruction of English learners
Instruction of students with specific reading disabilities, including dyslexia.
Instruction of students with specific writing disabilities, including dysgraphia.
Instruction of students who need support around visual-spatial and auditory processing
Instruction of students with ADHD.
Instruction of executive functioning strategies.
Instruction of Study strategies
Instruction of Students with autism.
Students with social-emotional difficulties (i.e. diagnosed anxiety and/or depression) that impeded academic success

5.  References
Finally, to ensure that we get the highest quality teachers, we ask that you submit 2 references, who can speak to your teaching abilities.  These should be people who have seen you teach or have knowledge of your teaching skill with students, particularly those in grade 6-12 in the appropriate subject matter.  These might include respected colleagues, administrators, or parents of students you have worked with. 


Your Information

Reference 1 (Required)

Reference 2 (Required)

Reference 3 (Optional)

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