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One on one virtual tutoring
in short blocks of time 
with the same expert tutors

every school day

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 A Smarter Way to Get Smarter

On call week night tutoring with expert teachers booked in 10 minute increments.

Prescheduled tutoring sessions booked in 30 minute increments

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The Superstudy Approach

Whether a student needs help preparing for a test tomorrow or writing an essay that’s due next month, we always have experts available to help.


With Superstudy, tutoring is time sensitive, structured to fit a student’s learning profile and nightly needs. Every day, students have expert support, structured time to work, and families only pay for the support that a student receives.

After each session, we’ll send families an email detailing the tutor that the student worked with, what they worked on, and for how long.  

To most effectively support all student we use 2 different tutoring options:

Virtual Studyhall and Timely Tutoring.  


More than teachers. Experts.

Superstudy invites only the best grade 6 - 12 teachers to use our platform (less than 1% of applicants). Some of our teachers come from independent schools. Some of them come from high-performing public schools. Many of them have been named Teacher of the Year in their districts. And all of them are here to help your student.  


Let’s say you have a precalculus student who needs help with parametric equations. When your child joins a study hall, they get more than support from tutors with a math background, they get assistance from instructors who teach precalculus all day, every day. There’s no better way to ensure your student gets the personalized help they need.

No matter what the subject is, learning is about chemistry.

Every student has their own learning style. Because our study halls are set up with multiple teachers, your student is able to choose the one they feel most comfortable with. Because our sessions meet at the same time all week, our tutors are familiar with your student, their specific needs, and their learning style.  


To give you a very clear idea of the teachers waiting to support your student, each study hall includes teacher bios and background.

Meet our experts


What Students and Parents are Saying
Don’t take it from us—hear what families have to say about Superstudy.

Pricing- Our Credit System

To create price certainty and flexibility, Superstudy uses a credit system for all payments.

Families purchase a bundle of credits and then students use those credits to book sessions.

Each credit cost between 3 and 4 dollars.*


Study Halls 

Each study hall costs 1 credit per week to hold a student's spot.  Just like in school, students can add or drop or swap study halls every week.  Depending on the study hall each 10 minute tutoring session costs 3 or 4 credits.

Timely Tutoring 

Families contact a tutor from a student's study hall and arrange a time for a timely tutoring session.   Once completed, families will receive an email about the content covered in the session and will consent to having credits be deducted from the student's account at the same rate as the study hall sessions.  

*If your family can't afford this, please reach out to us.  We started this company to make tutoring more useful for students and more affordable for families and we'll work with you to ensure that your child has access to the support they need.  


Frequently Asked Questions


Who We Are

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Brenna Mahoney

Brenna has over 14 years in the areas of special education and literacy interventions as well as consulting with districts and coaching educators. She wants all students to have access to the support they need, and she believes Superstudy can create equitable and accessible learning opportunities for all students.


Eli Williams

Eli has worked as a teacher, tutor, and administrator in public and private schools for the last 20 years.   As a teacher and tutor, he has worked to support all students outside of the classroom, when they need it most.  He built SuperStudy so that all students would have access to timely, effective and affordable tutoring.

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