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Expert Academic Support Every Day

Superstudy is a virtual learning environment that gives your student direct access to expert tutors in any school subject they need help with.

It’s convenient. It’s affordable.

And it’s personalized to fit your child’s learning profile and nightly demands

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       Foundational Learning

  • Longer session (15 minutes+)

  • Sessions are structured to fit student needs

  • Typically offered on the weekend

  • Same tutors from your study hall

       Daily Academic Insurance​

  • Conte​nt specific (Algebra 1, AP US History, etc.)

  • Meets Monday-Thursday

  • One-on-one support in short, flexible increments ​

  • Same expert tutors every week

  • Tutors are expert 6-12 grade teachers

Join a Study Hall

How it Works

Virtual Study Hall

Our study halls are offered online, through Google Hangouts, Monday to Thursday each week.  Study halls are content specific with 3 expert teachers/ tutors and 6-10 students. Here's how it works:

  1. Go to our offerings page and subscribe to the study halls(s) of your choice (search by time and subject area). 

  2. Each night at the set time, your student will go to their study hall page and join their study hall.

  3. When they join, they will mute themselves and turn their screens off for privacy and to eliminate distraction. 

  4. They will be greeted by their tutors and begin working independently.  When help is needed, your student can reserve an 8-min one-on-one session with a specific tutor by writing their name at the desired time. (Those windows of time can also be scheduled in advance.) 

  5. If more help is needed, the student can reserve a second 8-minute block and/or schedule a Timely Tutoring block after the study hall (or for a different day).

  6. A follow up email is sent after study hall each night, detailing what the student worked on.

  7. At the end of each week, your family is charged only for the time used that week!

Timely Tutoring
Timely Tutoring is Superstudy's time sensitive tutoring, structured to fit a student’s learning profile and nightly needs. Sessions can be split into chunks to better benefit your student’s learning.  Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a tutor from your studyhall and reserve 1 or more 15 minute sessions.

  2. Meet the tutor online for the one-on-one session(s).  

  3. A follow up email is sent at the end of each day, detailing what the student worked on. 

  4. At the end of each week, your family is charged only for the time used that week. ​​

Virtual Study Hall
Timely Tutoring
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What Students and Parents are Saying
Don’t take it from us—hear what families have to say about Superstudy

"Superstudy has provided my son with the support he needed to experience success in this new remote learning world"

We are Expert Educators

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Eli Williams

Eli has worked as a teacher, tutor, and administrator in public and private schools for the last 20 years.  After earning his MA in education at Harvard, he spent the last 11 as a teacher in Brookline, MA.  As a teacher and tutor, he has worked to support all students outside of the classroom, when they need it most.  He built SuperStudy with this in mind.  He wanted to create a platform for tutoring that was timely, effective and affordable for families.

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Alison Whitebone

Alison is a twenty-five year veteran of the Brookline, MA High School English Department. Her students have won prestigious awards that include Oprah Winfrey's National High School Essay Writing Contest and the Facing History & Ourselves To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Contest. She loves working with individual students to help them tackle challenging texts, find their authentic writing voices, and craft their original work.​

Get Superstudy

Your monthly subscription to Superstudy includes a content-specific study hall offered to your learner daily. Additional study halls and timely tutoring are always available.

Why Superstudy?

Founded by teachers who want to see students thrive,
​Superstudy offers time sensitive, consistent, and structured support for learners.


  1. ​Connecting learners with the same high quality tutors every night

  2. Making after-school support affordable for families

  3. Providing teachers with an equitable platform for tutoring

  4. Offering free tutoring for those most in need of support

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