Our Math Tutors


Gina K.

Algebra 1

I have taught math for over 25 years to students of all ages. When teaching college, I helped student teachers learn the math they needed to know to succeed in the classroom...

Ruchi V.

Algebra 1

Ruchi has had experience both as a classroom teacher and a tutor, working with students of all ages, abilities, and needs over the years. She enjoys building a rapport with students...

Jeffrey M.

Algebra 2

When I teach precalculus, I start with a list of the most important skills needed to be successful. For instance, if one is not skilled at factoring, they will have trouble in many other ...

Ryan R.


I have 27 years of experience teaching high school math and 20 years experience teaching AP Calculus. I have been "Teacher of the Year" multiple years at my school.

Leo S.


I love Calculus and helping others learn this exciting subject! I have 15 years experience teaching AP Calculus with 7 years experience grading AP Calculus exams with Collegeboard.

Paul T.

Pre Calculus

I am a recently retired Mathematics teacher from Colorado who recently moved to Massachusetts. I have 27 years of teaching experience in high school math in all subjects from ...

Carsen L.

Algebra 1

My name is Carsen and I have been a teacher for over 6 years . I have taught every grade level from elementary to high school but my passion for Algebra remains

Joseph L.

Algebra 2

I have been teaching and coaching for over 20 years. I have had the fortunate pleasure of teaching every grade from 6th grade math through Calculus II at one of the local community colleges...

Fritz C.

Algebra 2

Hello everyone! My name Dr. Fritz Cayemitte. My students affectionately call me Dr. C. I am an ivy league graduate with a Ph.D. in mathematics and education.

James L.


I have been teaching mathematics at the secondary level for 28 years. I have taught all levels of secondary math from pre-algebra to AP calculus BC. I received a Teacher of

Carol Jean K.


Hi! My name is CJ and I LOVE Geometry. I attended college at IUP. I taught at Harrisburg High for 10 years, then moved to the beach where I have been teaching for 23 years.

Belisario S.


Hi there! My name is Beli and I am a Calculus teacher and tutor. I have been a high school math and science teacher for more than 10 years. I have helped many students succeed in...

Norman N.

Algebra 1

Norman has taught Mathematics professionally for 16 years in three different countries - the United States, Jamaica, and Australia. He enjoys motivating and encouraging

Genie K.

Algebra 2

I hold a BS in Mathematics and California Single Subject (Math) Teaching Credential from CSULB. I have been a math classroom teacher for 20 years, as well as an after school ...

Karen A.

Algebra 2

I am currently a part time math instructor at a community college, with experience teaching levels from basic math through precalculus, as well as extensive teaching ...

Loucas V.


I hold a state teacher certification for teaching secondary mathematics (grades 6-12). In addition, I have a National Board Certification in the area of teaching Adolescent and

Kimberley N.


My name is Kim, and I love teaching geometry. I have been teaching math for the past 15 years, and I also teach piano in my private piano studio. There are a lot of ...

Marisa B.

Pre-calculus /Trigonometry

I have been tutoring and/or teaching mathematics for 15 years now. I used to struggle with math in school, because it really is like learning another language, and sometimes ...