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Our teachers are the right fit for your student.
Our model is the right fit for your schedule.

It’s not always easy to predict when your student might need help with their classwork.

And it’s not always possible to get tutoring in time. 

Sometimes it’s hard for students to even get started.

No wonder study time is often rated by

families as the most stressful part of

the after-school routine. 


That’s why time-sensitive, daily
support is so important.

The Superstudy Approach


Whether your student needs help preparing for a test tomorrow or writing an essay that’s due next month, we always have experts available to help.


With Superstudy, tutoring is time sensitive, structured to fit a student’s learning profile and nightly needs. Every day, students have expert support, structured time to work, and you only pay for the support that your student receives.

After each session, we’ll send you an email detailing the tutor that your student worked with, what they worked on, and for how long.  


Virtual Study Hall

Each study hall is structured around a specific subject, like Algebra 1 or AP US History. At a set time, every day from Monday to Thursday, your student can log on to a one hour video chat session where there are 3 expert teachers waiting to help. When support is needed, your student selects a tutor and works one-on-one in a private breakout room. 


Timely Tutoring

A tutor and student work together for sessions where more than 20 minutes of one-on-one interaction is required. Unlike traditional tutoring, Timely Tutoring sessions can be split into chunks to better benefit the student’s learning.

What Students and Parents are Saying
Don’t take it from us—hear what families have to say about Superstudy.

"Superstudy has provided my son with the support he needed to experience success in this new remote learning world"

Helping your student succeed is our favorite subject.

Some of our teachers come from independent schools. Some of them come from high-performing public schools. Many of them have been named Teacher of the Year in their districts. And all of them are here to help each student fulfill their potential for long-term success.


More than teachers. Experts.

Let’s say you have a precalculus student who needs help with parametric equations. When your child joins a study hall, they get more than support from tutors with a math background, they get assistance from instructors who teach precalculus all day, every day. There’s no better way to ensure your student gets the personalized help they need.

In addition to Math, we cover English, History, Science, and Language—and more.

No matter what the subject is, learning is about chemistry.

Every student has their own learning style. Because our study halls are set up with multiple teachers, your student is able to choose the one they feel most comfortable with. Because our sessions meet at the same time all week, our tutors are familiar with your student, their specific needs, and their learning style.  


To give you a very clear idea of the teachers waiting to support your student, each study hall sign-up page includes teacher bios and background.


Study Hall 

Free membership for the 2020-2021 school year

Each 8 minute session (in a 10 minute window) is $12.00.

Every 13 minute session (in a 15 minute window) is $18.00 

Price Certainty- Parents decide the maximum amount of time that their student can reserve support in a week.  

Timely Tutoring 

Families select a tutor from a students' study hall and book a session on their timely tutoring page.  All sessions are billed at the rate of $1.20/ minute.*


*If your family can't afford this, please reach out to us.  We started this company to make tutoring more useful for students and more affordable for families and we'll work with you to ensure that your child has access to the support they need.  

Who We Are

eli headshot.jpg

Eli Williams

Eli has worked as a teacher, tutor, and administrator in public and private schools for the last 20 years.  After earning his MA in education at Harvard, he spent the last 11 as a teacher in Brookline, MA.  As a teacher and tutor, he has worked to support all students outside of the classroom, when they need it most.  He built SuperStudy with this in mind.  He wanted to create a platform for tutoring that was timely, effective and affordable for families.

Bill Whitebone Head Shot Cropped

Bill Whitebone

Bill has 20+ years of experience in customer care, technology delivery, and operations including EdTech. His passion for education is deepened by his wife being an English teacher of 26 years and his two school-age children currently in the Massachusetts public school system. Bill is dedicated to developing products and services that exceed customer expectations. He works to ensure that every customer interaction with Superstudy is exceptional.

About Us
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