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Superstudy offers two different learning environments.

Mastering an algebraic equation is different than polishing a college essay. That’s why we offer two different kinds of learning experiences:

Studyhalls and Timely Tutoring

Both are interactive and personalized. It’s just a question of what kind of support you need.

Just like in school, you can add or drop or swap your study halls every week. It’s not uncommon to enroll in more than one study hall, so that if you need expert help, you can get it easily. 

Study Hall: Instant answers to your homework questions
We run virtual study halls in the evenings from Monday to Thursday. Choose the subject you’d like help with and the time slot that works for your schedule.
Sign in every night at the same time—and do your schoolwork like always. There’s a support system on standby for when you need the help.
In each study hall, there are 2 expert tutors who are professional teachers in the subject matter you’re studying. We maintain a low tutor-to-student ratio to make sure you’ll get the personalized and expert attention you want.
If you have a question or need help, choose the tutor you want, and work one-on-one in a private breakout room. Because the same tutors attend your studyhall at the same time slot every evening, they will know you and remember your progress from one session to the next.
Timely Tutoring: One-on-one foundational learning sessions.
Some kinds of learning require more time and support than the Study Hall is structured to provide. Maybe it’s structuring a formal research paper. Brainstorming a college essay. Or developing stronger study habits.
The same expert tutors you’ve met in your Study Halls are available to help in sessions that total more than 15 minutes. And you still get to decide who to work with and for how long.
Unlike traditional tutoring, Timely Tutoring sessions can be split into chunks. You could get help from the tutor for 15 minutes, then work on your own independently, and then discuss your progress in another session later in the day.
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