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Melinda R.



Learning to communicate in a new language should be fun and exciting, and it is once you have mastered the strategies that work best for you as a learner. As an experienced language teacher who has been recognized as an expert in the field of language learning through multiple teaching awards and outstanding feedback from students, parents and professionals in the field of education, I hope to share with you strategies and habits of learning that can help you excel. Through my broad experience and expertise you can learn how to avoid common pitfalls, learn how to break down the complexities of Spanish into more manageable chunks, master the elemental building blocks of Spanish in order to write well and speak well - and have fun as you build the skills and confidence that lead to success.
Studying in the US and Spain and travelling with students to Spain each year to a language program that I created and directed have provided me with intimate knowledge of Spanish language and how students grow as language learners. Decades in language classrooms providing support to advanced students who seek to go above and beyond their specific curricula and to students who face challenges when learning language have given me a clear window into what might be challenging, how to anticipate it, and how to master any challenge. It has also provided me with a platform for creating new materials for all types of learners, that we can use together.

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