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Stephanie S.



Bonjour et enchantée! Je m'appelle Madame Segretto (Madame S) and I am delighted to meet you! I love everything French! Food, books, wine, travel… I've lived and studied in both in France and Québec, did a field study experience and homestay in Tahiti, and toured many French-speaking countries, even several times with students! ​I keep up on the latest French Music and news. You might call me a true francophile.

Teaching French to English speakers is my passion. I am a certified teacher with 20+ years of experience, a Bachelor's degree in French, and a Master's in Education focused on teaching World Languages. I firmly believe anyone can learn French; we just have to find the approach and method that works for you. I personalize my lessons for each student based on their needs and goals, using interactive methods and trying it keep it fun! Are you more of a math person than language? I'll show you how to apply same skills to mastering grammar and vocabulary. Want to learn to read your favorite YA novels in French? I can help you with that, too! Need to better grasp gender of nouns-look no further: I am here to help. :)

I've presented on the use of technology in the language classroom for AATF in Belgium and was an AP College Board Seminar Scholarship Recipient for a Stanford University AP French Language Summer Session. The majority of my students have earned 4s and 5s on the AP French Language Exam.

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