Thad R.


U.S. History

I am a master teacher of American history. I taught high school for 33 years, was a Social Studies Department Head and Teacher of the Year. My master’s degree from Boston University is in history education and my undergraduate degree in political science is from Brandeis University. I have taught students of all levels but specifically focused on those studying AP US History and AP Psychology. I have written curriculum for both history and psychology class. I have graded the AP College Board American history exams as well as the Massachusetts State exams for licensing teachers in history. I am retired from teaching high school, but currently teach American history at Cape Cod Community College.
I am an avid reader of history and enjoy watching historical documentaries which I often incorporate into my teaching. My approach as a teacher is to meet students where they are and try to develop their sophistication about a historical topic and increase their critical thinking. I believe there is no such thing as an ignorant question and that everyone can benefit from knowing about their past. I believe American history should not be just a list of mandatory facts and dates but a constant dialogue and reevaluation of the past as we compare it to the present.

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