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Teachers who could work anywhere, work here.

For most people, being an expert in chemistry or calculus would be the hard part. For you, the real challenge is finding the students you need to grow your tutor business.

With Superstudy, we find the students and

bring them right to your study hall.

We promote your service.  And we

charge the lowest commission

in the industry. 

We take all the hassle out of your side hustle.
Get paid more for your time—Earn $61.20+ ($72 minus a 15% commission) for every hour you spend tutoring students.  Our 15% commission is lowest in the industry by 10-30% and covers the cost of marketing and billing.
Instant Business—Expect to get between 3-6 hours of paid tutoring work each week for each study hall.
Direct access to multiple students—when you log on to a study hall session at a set time every day, you know there will be many students on hand.
Build your relationships—many of the students you meet in study halls will need additional support and will schedule time with you for one-on-one tutoring.
Convenient schedule—Choose the time and days you want to work and students come at that time every night. You’re free to support students virtually from the location you choose.
Simplified billing—we streamline the invoice process so you don’t need to bill multiple students for multiple short sessions.
Referral Bonuses—Refer a family to Superstudy as an affiliate, and you’ll receive $5.00/ week for every student who subscribes. (Up to $25/ student and $10,000/ year).  
Help students make real progress in our virtual studyhall.
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