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AP World History

Our teachers are the best fit for your student.
Our model is the best fit for their learning.

Perfect Tutor

The Superstudy AP World History Difference

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Expert AP World History Teachers

Trained in the classroom, and highly educated, our tutors are elite, award-winning American teachers.   They are the teachers everyone wants, ready to explain concepts clearly and concisely to your student.

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Tell us what you need and we take care of the rest.  We find you the perfect AP World History tutor, handle the scheduling and billing, and give you progress updates, so you don’t have to worry about any of it!

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Two Approaches, One Result

We offer both pre-scheduled recurring tutoring sessions and on-demand support every school night.  So, your student has access to their favorite teacher when they need them most.   

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We are dedicated to connecting your student with the perfect tutor that fits their needs best. 

Call us at 
(617) 208-4929 to get started immediately or fill out this form, and we will work with you to match your student with the perfect tutor and learning options for their needs.  

AP World History

How to Superstudy

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Pick a tutor

Work with our concierge to find the perfect tutor: a great teacher who can connect with your student, explain content clearly, and motivate them to succeed.  Choose from teachers of the year, Ivy League graduates, AP graders, and educators with 20 years of experience.

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Create an account

Create an account and subscribe for a set number of credits that your student can use to book sessions with.  These credits don't expire, and they provide  tailored support for students, ensuring they receive precisely the right amount of assistance, no more and no less.

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Work with
your tutor

Book an intro session, to meet your tutor. Then schedule a longer session to help get you caught up. If you have questions during the week, need clarification, or want your work checked, you can schedule a short session with your tutor. All sessions will be online via Zoom.

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Become a Superstudy-er

By focusing on supporting students at the right times, with the right tutors, we make tutoring more effective and more efficient. Our students' success reflects this, and our students feel more empowered and in control of their schoolwork, with less stress and better academic habits.  Superstudy provides the structure and the support to help students become the students they can be.

More than teachers.  Experts

Superstudy invites only the best grade 6 - 12 teachers to use our platform (less than 1% of applicants). Some of our teachers come from independent schools. Others come from high-performing public schools. Many of them have been named Teacher of the Year in their districts.

And all of them are here to help your student. 


Expert AP World History Teachers

Whether it is analyzing a historical document, trouble getting started on a DBQ or getting caught up after an absence, Superstudy can help.   Superstudy connects students to experienced, expert AP World History classroom teachers who are available for tutoring every night of the week.  Students can book AP World History tutoring sessions for as little as 15 minutes if they have a quick question or want feedback on their work or book recurring hour long sessions.  Superstudy provides targeted, expert AP World History help at just the right moments.  We offer tutoring in AP World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra, Geometry, PreCalc, Calculus, Latin, and so many more. Please take a moment to click below to get started and we will match you with the perfect AP World History tutor.   See some of our amazing tutors here.  

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