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When choosing a tutor, don’t settle.

Why settle for a tutor who needs to brush up on their knowledge when you can have someone who works with the subject matter all day long? At Superstudy, we're all about making sure our students get the best possible tutoring experience; that’s why we only hire highly-qualified, experienced teachers to tutor on our platform. This means that when they tutor a student, they are often answering the same questions they've already answered in their classes earlier that day. These aren’t college students; they’re teachers of the year, AP graders, and department heads who have an array of instructional tools and techniques that they use every day.

Connection, trust, and vulnerability is what helps students learn...not simply answers

While many tutoring companies are moving towards chat services and AI, we’re doing the opposite. At Superstudy, students can work with the same tutor consistently, building connection and trust. Unlike during the school day, students have the agency to choose the teacher they actually want to learn from, including teachers who speak the languages they speak and with whom they connect. The core of our model is that students can access the the same tutors nightly because we know that connection, trust, and vulnerability is what helps students learn...not simply answers. As many of our competitors move toward the impersonal, we are going the opposite direction.

Teachers teach ALL students

Teachers have the necessary training, experience and skills to teach students with disabilities as well as those who are learning English. They can personalize their teaching methods to cater to the unique needs of each student by providing scaffolding when a student is struggling with a concept, while also challenging those who are excelling in their studies. Our model provides a routine and structure that supports the executive functioning needs of students outside of the school day.  The academic success of so many students rests not on their ability to understand the work, but rather on their ability to simply start their work.  Our model builds and strengthens student's daily habits in the areas of time management, organization and self-regulation.

Teachers are passionate about education

And that passion is contagious.  Our teachers inspire students to become more engaged and enthusiastic about their own learning.  We believe that hiring teachers as SuperStudy tutors is the best way to provide quality tutoring to our students. We have a thorough hiring process and we only invite the best grade 6 - 12 teachers to use our platform (less than 1% of applicants). We're proud to work with a team of dedicated and passionate educators who are committed to helping you succeed.


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