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Why Superstudy uses a High-Impact Tutoring Model

High-impact tutoring is an intensive and one-on-one approach that involves multiple weekly sessions over an extended period, such as a semester or a school year. According to Brown University's Annenberg Institute, high-impact tutoring has been proven to be highly effective and produce significant learning gains, even for students who are struggling academically. In a 2021 study, the University of Chicago found that students who received high-intensity tutoring in math were able to make up to two years of progress in just one year.

Frequency and Personalization

High-impact tutoring's success is due to a variety of factors, but one of the most important is the personalized attention and support that students receive. Tutors can identify and address each student's unique learning needs, and provide immediate feedback and guidance along the way. Additionally, the frequency of the tutoring sessions foster a deeper connection between tutor and student, building students' confidence and self-efficacy.

By providing targeted and personalized support, it can help students catch up and succeed in school.

Let’s be honest…who has time for this?

The Superstudy founders, Eli Williams and Brenna Mahoney, are veteran educators who truly believe in this model because they’ve seen firsthand the transformative effects it has on students' academic growth and self-assurance. They know from experience that students thrive when they connect with their teachers and have regular access to individualized academic support; that’s why they created an office hours model called “Study Halls”. 

It’s not realistic to arrange a tutor in-person every day, and the other online models require a minimum of 30 or 60 minutes per session, making it unaffordable and too time-consuming.

How we do it…

Every school night, Monday through Thursday, 2 expert teachers in a specific content area (like Chemistry, Calculus, Mandarin) are available for 1-on-1 video tutoring for a one-hour block of time (like 7-8 pm). 

This isn’t AI, these are real teachers.  These are not college students tutoring; they’re teachers of the year, AP graders, and department heads. This isn’t a chat service; it’s one-on-one video conferencing built around connection, familiarity, and trust.  

We book in 10-minute increments, so students can book as little or as much help as they need each night. When students request help, tutors can jump in to walk them through a math problem, clarify a biology concept, or review an AP US history written response.  

Give it a try!

Our study halls reopen on January 8th. Sign up today and start the new year off with support.

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